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The first year book was produced in 1959 and consisted of 68 pages. The Chairman of the day Herminie Warner Hill wrote the following:

Herminie Warner Hill

The officers of The Pekingese Club can take pride in this, the first Year Book to be presented to the members, and are to be congratulated on the success attained during the past year. The Financial position has been considerably strengthened, the membership greatly increased, and each of the shows promoted has proved a profitable venture.

It is my hope that this Year Book is the forerunner of an uninterrupted sequence for years to come, and that this excellent years activities will be more than maintained in the future.

Herminie Warner Hill, Chairman

Today the number of pages in the Clubs Year Book averages around 300 and the book is issued to both home and overseas members as part of their membership.

Since the early days the Year Book has become an invaluable handbook for all Pekingese fanciers, worldwide. Published annually, and affectionately known as the “Red Book” it is available to fully paid up members of the Club.

It includes a full list of members; the Constitution; Championship Show results; Pekingese Club events and results; forthcoming judges for the ensuing year; other UK Breed Clubs; various articles together with a wealth of pages featuring members and their stock from the four corners of the earth.

Subscriptions include a copy of the Pekingese Club Year Book (including postage) which is available in March each year. Details of how to join the club & obtain your copy of the Year Book can be found here in our membership page.

Trophies – A full list of trophies is published in the Pekingese Club Year Book including a concise record of winners of the Douglas Murray Challenge Trophy, presented to the Pekingese Club in 1905, and awarded annually to the Crufts Best of Breed winner.

Medals – A brief history is given of the Clubs Medals that are awarded annually on a points system. In addition the Role of Honour of the winners is contained within the Year Book. There are six medals in total, Gold Medals (dog and bitch) for those not being a full champion on 1st January who gain most points throughout the year. Silver Medals (dog and bitch) for those who are puppies on 1st January gaining the most points from puppy classes throughout the year. Junior Medals (dog and bitch) for those winning the most points in Junior Classes throughout the year. Points are only taken from Championship Shows where Challenge Certificates are on offer & awarded only to members.

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