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The Pekingese Club held its final AGM meeting on Sunday 7th January 2018. The meeting just covered the final accounts, and a farewell to the club. As of the 1st January The Pekingese Club and The Yorkshire and Eastern Pekingese Association amalgamated giving a start to the new club Sovereign Pekingese Association.  On behalf of the committee of The Pekingese Club I would like thank everyone for their past support over the 113 years that the club was operating.

I look forward  to continued support for the Sovereign Pekingese Association.

Brenda Oades (Chairman)

Welcome to the Pekingese Club

The Pekingese Club was founded in 1904 and was the first dedicated Pekingese club to be formed in the UK and world.

The objects of the club are:
1. To promote the responsible ownership and breeding of sound, typical, and healthy dogs of good temperament.
2. To hold and support the holding of dog shows under Kennel Club Rules and regulation.

The Officials and committee of the Pekingese Club hope you enjoy your stay and the contents of this web site.